OOTD – Yellow Bloom!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 13th April 2015

Hello everyone!

As you all may know I recently went to the IndiBlogger-Kose Meet and I wanted to share with you what I wore on that day.


If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with leotards (bodysuits). They stay tucked in without bunching up on the sides and look polished without any added effort. This nude leotard is one of my favourites as it goes with anything and everything I want to wear on the bottom.




With summer approaching, I love to rock bright hues and ditch the regular blacks and greys sometimes. Yellow is going to be a huge trend this spring/summer and this peplum maxi skirt is beyond gorgeous! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and knew I had to have right away. It is also available in blue, black and red but I love how bold and cheery yellow is.






I decided to add some interest with a lion head waist belt and blue chandelier earrings while the gold pumps finished the look perfectly!




Details :

Gold Metallic Pointed Toe Pumps – Zara

Nude Leotard – ShopNineteen

All Rings – Forever21

Lion Head Waist Belt – 20Dresses

Yellow Peplum Maxi Skirt – Cilory

Blue Chandelier Earrings – BG’s

Gold Clutch – Kins

On My Lips – MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in “All Fired Up”

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My Outfits! Vol. 1

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 28th April 2014

Hello everyone!

I have decided to post a few of my outfits together in one post since it is easier that way. This will be up on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis. It will be a compilation of a few outfits.

So let’s begin!

Outfit 1 :


Details :

Ruffled Shirt – StalkBuyLove

Red Patterned Pants – Lifestyle

Shoes – Dolphin Shoes, Sarojini Nagar

Handbag, Belt – Sarojini Nagar

Outfit 2 :


Details :

Jeans – Numero Uno

Denim Jacket, Handbag, Sweater – Sarojini Nagar

Grey Booties – Stelatoes

Outfit 3 :


Details :

Crop Top, Pencil Skirt – Forever 21

Peplum Belt – StalkBuyLove

Handbag – Charles & Keith

Shoes – The Great India Place, Noida

Necklace – Sarojini Nagar

Outfit 4 :


Details :

Black Jeans – The Happening, GK

Shoes – Stelatoes

Metallic Belt – 20Dresses

Top, Clutch – Sarojini Nagar

Outfit 5 :


Details :

This is what I wore to Premia India Fashion Week!

Leotard – Fashionara

Handbag, Shoes – The Great India Place, Noida

Maxi Skirt – Sarojini Nagar

Jewelry – Forever 21

Visit the “Outfit Of The Day” category for other outfit posts!

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10 Fashion Blunders To Avoid!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Sunday, 5th January 2014

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you lovely people! I hope you had an amazing and safe start. I cannot believe its 2014 already. I am sure I am going to keep writing 2013 everywhere for a few months before proof reading! 😛

The internet is flooded with inspiration everywhere. But, there are just some times when you need to know what you ought not to do. I will be listing a few of my personal fashion pet peeves and I hope you find them useful! Also, I don’t mean to offend any of you. If you like to do any/all of these things then it is your own choice. For those of you who want to know some of my tips on dressing up, keep reading further :

1. Miss Color Overload :

Now this might just be me but too much color is off putting and distracting. It takes away from the personality and all your eyes can focus on is everything else covering our body. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should stick to boring neutrals but learn to bring out a color in your outfit and rock it like you own it. If you’re shy then you can play up your look with your accessories. If you really love color and don’t want any neutrals, stick to pastels and chiffon. It looks amazingly feminine and ethereal.

For eg. Pair a bright colored blouse with neutral pants or vice versa. Pair a neutral blouse with a neutral skirt and add pop accessories. Pair mint green palazzos with a peachy tank. The possibilities are endless!

2. Miss Matchy-Matchy :

You don’t want to be covered in all matching pieces! It is always better to have some contrasting elements in your whole outfit. Something that shows your personality off. However, monochrome and black & white are huge trends and look very sophisticated when done right.

For eg. Black palazzo pants with a white top, black blazer and black shoes. If this is too safe/boring for you then add a bright belt and match your handbag to that!

3. Miss Lovely Handles  :

Love handles are not lovely to the slightest! If they’re showing, they can ruin your entire look. If you suffer from them then keep that muffin top tucked away in high waisted clothing. High waisted clothes bring attention to the smallest part of your waist and look very feminine and flattering on all body types. Just make sure it inot too tight.

For eg. Wear a beautiful high waisted skater skirt ( A line skirt ) with your blouse tucked it. The loose silhouette of the skirt will take away from a heavier bottom and not divulge that muffin top.

PS. If you suffer from a muffin top then please devote some time to fitness. It not only looks unpleasant but also contributes to diseases like diabetes.

4. Miss Poster Girl :

Please avoid things that flash the brand name as the main attraction factor. You don’t want to be a walking talking free advertisement of a brand. I see so many women with fake “Louis Vuitton” bags. Learn to combine pieces that show off who you are and don’t take away from your personality. Wearing flea market stuff or thrifted items isn’t cheap in the slightest way but trying to be who are not is.

5. Miss Look At My Cleavage :

Showing too much skin is never sexy, it just looks desperate. There are many ways to show off your beautiful curves without having to show too much skin. Showing cleavage isn’t wrong altogether but there is a time and place for it. Also, a good rule of thumb is to maintain a balance which means you are either showing a lot of leg or cleavage.

6. Miss Lousy Fit :

You never want to look like you just draped a curtain around yourself and left the house! If you’re on the curvier side then wearing baggy clothing can counteract your objective to look slimmer. Focus on your favorite parts of your body. If its your waist then cinch it in with a belt. Over sized or “boyfriend” clothes can look very relaxed and sexy if done right. Keep one element of your outfit on the loose side and style your look around it.

For eg. Wear a fitted tank or tee with boyfriend jeans and add brogues/minimalist heels for an androgynous look yet maintaining femininity.

7. Miss Disco Ball :

Sequins can not only look sexy but sophisticated. Again, focus on one element and let it do the talking. If you’re wearing a blingy dress then wear understated shoes. Same way, if you’re wearing blingy shoes then wear a beautiful simple dress. Also, don’t even get me started on wearing sequins during the daytime in the sunlight. It is just too much! If you’re really want to take your look up a notch then bling it out with accessories like a striking statement ring and an eyeball grabbing necklace.

For eg. Pair a sequinned blazer with a neutral top and pants. You can add a statement ring if you want.

8. Miss Tights Are Pants :

This is a very personal thing. Many women have no issues in wearing tights as pants but I have strong feelings against it. Camel Toe? Really? You don’t want to attract attention for all the wrong reasons. Plus tights as pants is highly unforgiving unless you have legs to die for! In my opinion tights are fine as long as your booty is covered. If you do like to wear your tights as pants then all power to you!

Blair Waldorf was right! Tights are not pants!

9. Miss Puddly Shoes :

Subconsciously, your shoes are the first thing people notice about you. Always clean or polish your shoes before leaving the house. Of course you might be caught in a miss hap some time or you may step in a puddle, but try to maintain good looking feet as much as possible. Especially during summer, when you wear cute open toe shoes to show off a beautiful pedicure.

10. Miss Print All Over :

Mixing prints is tricky but when done right can look really sophisticated. Make sure you stay in the same color scheme and not mix over bearing prints. A good and easy way to start is by pairing a printed top with printed shoes. When you feel confident enough you can move onto mixing your bottoms and tops.

Always remember to be confident. Confidence is sexy and will help you pull off any look with ease. Just remember not to be egoistic or over confident.

Also, even if you do make one of these “blunders”, just smile and let it go. Its only temporary and you can always look better the next day. Take inspiration from various blogs, videos, magazines, newspapers etc. A good way is to cut out pictures of outfits that you like and stick them on the door of your closet or just create a board. This way you can always look at the pictures for ideas while getting ready!

It is always handy to carry a few safety pins with you at all times to quickly rectify any unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

Also, take advantage of every single day to dress up in your best clothes! Get out of the house looking like you are about to meet the love of your life that day, add a little pep in your step and flash those pearly whites! You will be the most attractive girl all the time!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.

Head over to the “Outfit Of The Day” category above to see some outfits I wore.

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Thank you very much for reading!

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Another Little Sarojini Haul! :-D

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 27th August 2013

Hey everyone! So I went to Sarojini Nagar again day before yesterday with a few friends to help them shop and I ended up buying a few things myself!

I thought I’d share with you! 🙂

Clothes :


White Lace Skirt : Rs. 200/- ( $3.02 )


Nude Ruffled Shirt : Rs. 200/- ( $3.02 )


Semi Sheer Blue Maxi Skirt : Rs. 200/- ( $3.02 )


Light Grey Ruffled Shirt : Rs 200/- ( $3.02 )


Neon Coral Sequinned Collar Sheer Blouse : Rs. 200/- ( $3.02 )


Black Semi Sheer Maxi Skirt : Rs 200/- ( $3.02 )


Semi Sheer Green Shirt ( It was missing a button so I got it for cheaper ) : Rs. 100/- ( $1.51 )


Black Lace Skirt : Rs. 200/- ( $3.02 )


Peplum Jacket – Rs. 200/- ( $3.02 )



White and Blue Handbag : Rs. 500/- ( $7.55 )


Pearl White Clutch Bag – Rs. 400/- ( $6.04 )

Shoes :


Animal Print Peep Toe Sling Backs : Rs. 699 ( $10.55 )


Brown Suede Peep Toe Booties : Rs 700/- ( $10.57 )



Gold Necklace : Rs. 100/- ( $1.51 )


Gold and Pearl Necklace : Rs. 100/- ( $1.51 )

So that is it for my haul.

Huge Sarojini Nagar Fashion Haul + Tips On Flee Market Shopping

Gigantic Sarojini Nagar Haul

I hope you enjoyed!

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Outfit Of The Day! Mixing Prints!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Thursday, 22nd August 2013


Striped Tank, Floral Skirt, Chambray Shirt, Blue Shoes, Orange Bag!

Quick Tip on mixing prints :

Remain in the same color palette. Pairing prints of clashing colors together can be a bit of a challenge. Choose prints that are complementary and not overpowering. I have used thin strips with light florals.

Thick strips with light florals would look imbalanced and so would thin stripes with huge flowers.

The key is to create balance between your upper and lower body!

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