My Shopping Experience With!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 11th May 2015

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be about my very smooth shopping experience with! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a complete online shopping buff. You can sit in your pyjamas, sipping wine, browsing through their unending collection of awesome stuff and have it delivered in a matter of a few days!


The first and the foremost thing that I absolutely dig about Jabong is that they offer an endless array of clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, perfumes et al. Likewise for the darker sex! You’re bound to find something you fancy due to the sheer volume of products they stock. But fret not, they make sure that you’re not drowned with the variety of options, instead, they have made it much, much easier than many other websites to browse through exactly what you need with their filters. You can customise your search with user-friendly filters like gender, size, colour, type, brand etc.


The products were packed securely in a plastic bag with undamaged shoes in their respective boxes inside!

I had ordered a pair of black ankle booties first, but unfortunately due to incorrect size, I had to return them. I loved how their customer service team was quick to respond even at odd hours of the day to assist me with any query I had about my order. They made sure I felt safe and that I received my due credits in time to successfully place my order again.


This time, I ordered one pair of carrot peep toe block heels and another pair of houndstooth pumps, both by the brand “My Foot”. They arrived within two days of placing the order and I was delighted to receive them so promptly!


Finalising on a product is made much easier on the website with 6-8 clear pictures of the product displayed with an option to zoom in. I love these carrot colored peep toe heels. They have a heel height of 5 inches and seem sturdy and great value for money.


These houndstooth pumps stole my heart as soon as I saw them! They have a heel height of 4.5 inches and are surprisingly very comfortable!

Jabong usually has incredible offers going on and they keep you updated with any new lucrative deals through text messages so you don’t miss out on any. Being an online shopping addict, this has proven to be useful a lot of times!

Overall, I had a lovely shopping experience with Jabong and will most definitely be a returning customer on the regular. I suggest you all to give the website a quick browse through so you can get an idea of what you’ll find. Though, I am sure you wont leave the website empty cart-ed! 😛

You can score some pretty great deals through their mobile app as well. Get it HERE

I hope this post was helpful to you! 🙂

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*Voucher provided by website for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Latest Sarojini Nagar Fashion Haul

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Wednesday, 11th March 2015

Hello everyone!

It has been so long since I’ve posted a Sarojini Nagar haul on my blog. This is my most viewed and most requested post of all time! I went to Sarojini twice in the past month and found some stunning pieces that I can’t wait to style. So, without further ado, here are all my steals :


Denim Jacket – Rs. 300/-


Brown Cropped Jacket – Rs. 400/-


Maxi Dress – Rs. 300/-

Whenever I get anything that comes with an elastic, I like to get it removed because I feel like an elastic makes the piece look cheap and nasty. I like to attach straps at the back so I can tie it and create a custom fit.


Maxi Dress – Rs.300/-


Scuba T-Shirt – Rs. 200/-


Scuba T-Shirt – Rs. 200/-


Denim Dress – Rs. 400/-


Shirt – Rs. 200/-


Maxi Dress – Rs. 400/-


Maxi Dress – Rs. 400/-


Grey Blazer – Rs. 400/-


Brown Blazer – Rs. 300/-


Brown Blazer – Rs. 400/-


Peach Peplum Jacket – Rs. 500/-


Dress – Rs.300/-


Animal Print Crop Top – Rs. 150/-


Zebra Print Crop Top – Rs. 150/-


Denim Tube Top – Rs. 200/-


Denim Waist Coat – Rs. 200/-


Green Lace Maxi Dress – Rs. 300/-


Lace Crop Top – Rs.150/-


Animal Print Crop Top – Rs. 200/-


White Maxi Skirt with Slit – Rs. 150/-


Red Maxi Skirt with Slit – Rs. 150/-


Animal Print Maxi Skirt with Slit – Rs. 200/-


Batman Cropped Tee – Rs. 200/-


Superman Cropped Tee – Rs. 200/-


Military Green High Waisted Pants from BigC – Rs. 1299/-


Navy Blue High Waisted Pants from BigC – Rs. 1299/-

This is it for all the clothes. I also bought a few accessories like necklaces, belts and handbags. Not to forget, lots of shoes from Stellatos! But, I’m going to show those in another post because I have a massive shoe haul waiting to be uploaded including shoes I bought online and from Forever21.

Here are the accessories :


Angel Wing Necklace – Rs. 100/-


Black Spiked Necklace – Rs. 100/-


Multicolored Beaded Necklace – Rs. 100/-

40 41

Necklaces – Rs. 50/- each


6 Belts for Rs. 150/-


Black Waist Belt – Rs. 150/-


Gold Clutch from Kins – Rs. 1100/-


Military Green Studded Sling – Rs. 400/-


Oxblood Sling – Rs. 400/-

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Sultry Cat Eyes With Red Lips!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 3rd February 2014

Hello everyone!

I was experimenting with my makeup and came up with this gorgeous look that is perfect for a party or a date. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to show you guys a different and special look you can recreate.

I have always been a fan of mysterious winged eyes and this is just a step up from the regular wings that I do everyday. I paired it with bold matte red lips. Of course, you can opt for a nude which will look great too but I wanted to go all out! 😀

You can see it here in My Go To Makeup Looks

Here are the pictures :



Products used :


Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup
Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer
Chambor Silver Shadow Compact
Sephora Powder Foundation in Deep for Contour
Sleek Blush By 3 In Lace and Face Form in Light to Highlight


Sleek Eyebrow Kit in Dark, Ultra Matts V2 Palette for Shadows
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black, Colossal Kajal, Falsies Mascara and Colossal Mascara


Chambor Velvette Touch Lip Liner Pencil in RD-21
Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Red Coat
Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red




This is it for my cat eye makeup look with matte red lips!

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Thank you very much for reading! :-)

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Fashion Haul – Forever21, Zara, Stalkbuylove, Jabong, Koovs, Styletag Etc!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Saturday, 18th October 2014

Hello everyone!

There is a lot of stuff that I’m excited to show you and this is a collective haul of things that I’ve accumulated over a few months! There are clothes, jewelry, shoes and whatnot! So, let’s begin! 😀

I’m going to start with Forever21.

F3 F4

Aztec Pencil Skirts – They were around Rs. 600/- I don’t remember the exact price because I bought them quite some time ago! You can see these pieces in action in the “Outfit Of The Day” category

F14 F6

Blue Pencil Skirts – They were around Rs. 500/-

F10 F9

Leotards – Around Rs. 600/-

F5 F7

F20 F38

Crop Tops – Rs. 350 – Rs. 600/-


Burgundy Maxi Skirt with Slit – Rs. 750/-


These beautiful boots were on a crazy sale. They were Rs. 1600/- and buy one and get one free! So, it came out to be only Rs. 800 for each!

Now I have a few things from Stalkbuylove!

F18 F19 F15 F43

The shirts were around Rs. 800 – Rs 1100/-


The bag was about Rs. 1300/-

Now for some random bits!

F12 F13

F40 F39

I got these amazing red textured pants from Lifestyle for Rs. 1899/- They are by the brand Ginger. They’re extremely well fitting and super comfortable! I went again to buy more after a few weeks and guess what? They were on sale for Rs. 600/- each! So of course I picked up two more colors!


Animal Print Peplum Top from MadishTheStyleBar – Rs – 1500/- but it was on sale for Rs. 750/- plus I had to pay an extra Rs. 150/- for delivery.


Soft Yellow Ruffle Top from Koovs – Rs. 1200/- but on sale for Rs. 495/-


Blue Peplum top from Koovs – Rs. 500/-


Studded Belt from Koovs – Rs. 500/-


Snakeskin leggings from NaughtyStrands – Rs. 795/-


Shimmery Leotard from Fashionara – Around Rs. 700/- I also have this in brown. The brown one is not so shimmery though but I love it!

F29 F30

High waist floral trousers from StyleTag – They were on some crazy discount for Rs. 400/- each! Rs. 400/- right? Yes I know its crazy!


Coral Jacket by Harpa from Jabong – Rs. 1500 but on sale for Rs. 850/-


Studded Bag by Harpa from Jabong – Rs. 1600 but on sale for Rs. 900/-

F34 F37

Statement Necklaces by 20Dresses – Rs. 400/- to 700/-


Waist belts from 20Dresses – Rs. 400 – Rs. 600/-

F28 F27 F26 F25

Shoes from Zara – They were also on a crazy discount. Marked down from almost Rs. 4990/- to Rs. 1290/-

So this is it for my insane haul. This is a result of various shopping trips to the mall and online orders over a period of months!

Side note – I am so excited for winters! I finally get to bust out the boots, coats, sweaters and scarves! And makeup stays in place the whole day and hairstyles hold! 😀

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A Sarojini Nagar Haul!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 29th September 2014

Hello everyone,

I’m back with another Sarojini Nagar haul, I haven’t posted one in quite a while! So many of you have told me that you love to see my Sarojini hauls and they’re my favorite too! You find amazing items at throwaway prices.

Here are a few pieces that I picked up recently :


Flowy Mint Crop Top – Rs. 150/-


Sunflower Crop Top – Rs. 100/-


Printed T-Shirt – Rs. 200/-


Studded Cut Out Crop Top – Rs. 200/-


Printed Camis – Rs. 60/- each ( I like to cut these into crop tops! )

Sarojini5 Sarojini4

Maxi Skirts – Rs. 250/- or Rs. 300/- I cannot remember exactly.


Purple Satchel – Rs. 400/- ( It comes with a cross body strap )


Brown Quilted Bag – Rs. 300/-


Broad Waist Belt – Rs. 150/-

Thin Metallic Belt – Rs. 100/-


Brown Waist Belt – Rs. 150/-

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Huge Sarojini Nagar Fashion Haul + Tips On Flea Market Shopping

Accessories Haul – Handbags, Jewelry, Belts

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Visit the “Outfit Of The Day” category to see these items in action!

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By Aishwarya Kaushal, Sunday, 13th April 2014

Hello everyone!

Sarojini Nagar hauls are my favorite! You can find amazing clothes at throw away prices! Its almost unbelievable! I will be showing you what I got from Sarojini recently. This huge haul is a result of a few different trips to Sarojini. Also, I went to Sarojini on a Monday! The market stays closed on Mondays but when I went for the first time, I found that the majority of shops were open. There are also bundles of clothes on the floor and the sellers shouting 3 for 100 or 10 rupees each! Cant believe it right? However, it takes a lot of effort and time to rummage through the endless bundles and find a few things you may like. But, it is definitely worth it because I sure found some very interesting pieces!

I also bought shoes, bags and jewelry but I plan to do a separate shoe haul and another accessories haul, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Let’s start with what I bought on a “regular” day :


Yellow and Hot Pink Button Downs with Collar Studs – Rs. 175/- each


Peplum Shirt – Rs. 200/-


Blue and White Top – Rs. 150/-


Black and White Striped Shirt with Skull Buttons – Rs. 150/-


Coral Shirt with Gold Studs – Rs. 200/-


Blue Cold Shoulder Top with Collar Studs – Rs. 200/-


Green Sequined Crop T-Shirt – Rs. 150/-


Black T-Shirt with Gold Studs – Rs. 150/-


Corset – Rs. 150/-


Lace Skirt – Rs. 200/-


Burgundy Hi-Low Skirt – Rs. 200/-


Gold Sequinned Skirt – Rs. 200/-


Camouflage Shirt – Rs. 200/-


Grey Bodycon Dress – Rs. 200/-

And now for the really fun part!





All of these 4 were only Rs. 50/- each!


Sheer Maxi Skirt – Rs. 35/-


Green Cropped Top – Rs. 35/-


Sheer Hi-Low Skirt – Rs. 35/- I intend to cut the black ruffles off.


Silver One Shoulder Dress – Rs. 10/-


Shirt – Rs. 10/-


Grey Shirt Jacket – Rs. 10/-


Animal Print Top – Rs. 10/-

Unbelievable right? You have to remember that some of these clothes may be used/worn previously. Please wash them thoroughly before wearing. They may not fit well or need some altering but then again it is not a huge loss even if they don’t!

This is it for my clothes haul. A shoe haul and an accessories haul is going to be up soon!

Please go to the “Outfits Of The Day” category to see these clothes in action!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Some of my previous Sarojini Hauls :

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By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 16th August 2013

If you live in New Delhi and you haven’t heard about “The” Sarojini Nagar Market, you are living under a rock!

For those of you lesser known, it is a place of joy! ( For Shopaholics ) A place that sells export surplus at throwaway prices.

These are items that may have been left behind during shipping or may have been rejected by brands due to little to very minor imperfections that you probably will not even be able to detect.

Here are some of the items that I picked up and loved! ❤



This hot pink top was bought for Rs. 200 ( $3.26* )


Hi-Low ( Mullet ) Skull Printed Dress – Rs. 400 ( $6.51* )


Floral Print Ruffled Skirt – Rs. 250 ( $ 4.07* )


Peach Maxi Dress – Rs. 600 ( $9.77* )


Polka Dotted Button Down Shirt – Rs. 200 ( $3.26* )


Striped Basic Tank Top – Rs. 150 ( $2.44* )


Sequined Waistcoat / Jacket – Rs. 250 ( $4.07* )


Sheer Green White Crochet Detail Top – Rs. 200 ( $3.26* )


Sequined Bra-let / Crop Top – Rs. 200 ( $3.26* )


Palazzo / Flared Pants – Rs. 300 ( $4.89* )


Scarves and Stoles – Rs. 50 each ( $0.81* )

Now we shall move on to HANDBAGS!


Tan Fringe Bag – Rs. 300 ( $4.89* )


Red Velvet Bag – Rs 600 ( $9.77* )



Long Chained Neck Pieces – Rs. 50 each ( $0.81* )


Inter-wined Necklaces – Rs. 75 each ( $1.22* )


Collar Necklaces – Rs 300 each ( $4.89* )


Statement Necklace – Rs. 200 ( $3.26* )


Earrings – Rs. 30 – 70 ( $0.49 – $1.14* )


Rings and Toe-Rings – Rs. 50 – 250 ( $0.81 – $4.07* )

In the words of Lily Van Der Woodsen : “Every shopping turns into shoe shopping!”



Dark Green Booties ( On Sale ) – Rs. 650 ( $10.58* )


Nude Flats ( Fresh Stock ) – Rs. 700 ( $11.40* )


Red and Animal Print Flats ( On Sale ) – Rs. 400 ( $6.51* )


Red Satin Studded Pumps ( On Sale ) – Rs. 250 ( $4.07* )

So this is it for my haul. I love whatever I found to bits!

Now I will share with you some of my tips and tricks to shop wisely at markets like these :

1.  ALWAYS carry cash! Flea market sellers do not accept credit cards. There are some showrooms as well that may accept credit cards but it is always safer to carry cash. And, carry notes in small denominations of Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100.

2. Put your bargaining skills to test. The seller will usually start with a price of his choice. Quote half of that and then you can fix the deal somewhere in the middle,

3. Be a good negotiator.

4. Have patience. There will be many duds but to find the gems you will have to keep digging.

5. Keep an open mind. You will usually end up buying things that you did not even think about getting.

6. Be reasonable with yourself. It is easy to lose your mind and be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of choice. Examine each item and ask yourself if you really see yourself wearing it. Don’t just buy everything!

7. Check! Check! Check! Check each item you are willing to purchase for holes, cuts, stains etc. Sometimes they also stock used items for sale. Make sure you check whatever you purchase inside out. If there is a small stain that you are willing to compromise with, you can usually ask for a better deal.

8. DO NOT go on the weekends. It is so crowded that you probably will not be able to see things you like anyway!

9. Go during the morning hours as the sellers are usually very superstitious about their first income of the day. They believe the whole day’s business depends upon how good/bad their first income of the day is. So, they are willing to let go of items at a cheaper rate.

10. Carry a big cloth bag and stuff your things in it. The sellers will give you tiny plastic bags and if you don’t have your own big bag you will find yourself trying hard to manage several little bags.

11. Take care of your belongings. In places like these, there are many instances of pick-pocketing, stealing etc. So, make sure all your cash / phone etc are stored in a zip lock bag chained to your body.

12. Look for trendy items. Sarojini Nagar Market is famous for selling on-trend pieces for unbeatable prices.

13. Take a person you trust along with yourself to help you make better decisions. But, remember to take someone whose choice matches yours or you may end up regretting bringing that person.

14. Have an idea of your shape and body. There are no trying rooms so try on what you can over your clothes and ask your friend to take your picture so you can see how it looks on you.

15. Do not even think of wearing heels. Wear something very comfortable. There will be a lot of walking and rummaging through stuff so make sure you are wearing something you feel free in.

16. The market usually opens at around 10:30 a.m -11:00 a.m and closes at 8:30 p.m – 9:00 p.m. It is closed on Mondays.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Another Little Sarojini Haul

Gigantic Sarojini Nagar Haul

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Also, stay tuned to see these items feature in Outfit Of The Day posts!

Thank you! 😀

Glam’s Secrets Stardust Sparkling Lip Gloss 802 Review, Photos!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Thursday, 8th August 2013

What Glam’s Secrets Claims :

Get a total beauty makeover with a brand that offers the most intricate blend of ingredients to weave a top of the shelf beauty brand that promises nothing but quality effects! It is equipped with only the best colours and shades that will ensure that you stand out no matter where. Glam’s Secrets holds the secret on how to look good all the time!


Product Information :

  • Sheer color and intense moisture
  • Enhances the colour of your lips and gives them a shiny finish
  • Simple, one stroke application
  • With an exclusive blend of moisturisers
  • Comes in a beautifully designed package


My Thoughts :

This is an absolutely wonderful lip gloss. it comes with a regular doe foot applicator that picks up enough product to coat the entire upper and bottom lip in one application.


It is by far the most pigmented lip gloss I have ever used. It is almost like liquid lipstick.

The shade number is 802 and its a gorgeous classic red that can be worn alone or over lipstick.


It is not sticky and almost stains the lips. It stays for a good 4-5 hours. The shine may go away but you’ll be left with a beautiful pigment of color on your lips.

You only need one swipe of this as it so pigmented.


This is a picture of how it looks like on the lips with only one swipe.

While wearing this you will not have to worry about touch ups however, bleeding may be an issue. So I’d advice you to conceal the edges of your lips and set it with powder to avoid this from bleeding onto your face.

The GOOD :

1. Decently priced.

2. Very richly pigmented.

3. Non sticky.

4. Stays for hours.


1. In store availability might be an issue however it is available online easily.

Will I recommend and repurchase?

Yes! However, I might not need to repurchase it very soon because this will last me some time as I do not wear red lipstick everyday. I want to try other shades from this range. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a red lip gloss.

Buy it for Rs. 220 for 8 gm here :;16

or Rs. 249 from here :