Big Sephora Haul! :-D

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 11th March 2014

Hello everyone!


In my previous post, I showed you all what I got from MAC and Inglot. This post is going to be all about my Sephora Haul!

1. NYX Lip Liner Pencil in “Natural” – Rs 310/- & Nyx Retractable Lip Pencil in “Nude Pink”- Rs. 400/-


I wanted some neutral lip liners. The retractable one is a gorgeous color for everyday and will go with most of my nudes! I prefer my nude lip colors to be slightly pinky toned since concealer nudes wash me out!

2. NYX Matte Finish & Dewy Finish Setting Sprays – Rs. 710/- each


Both of these do an absolutely brilliant job of holding your makeup in place. I especially love the dewy one, it makes the skin look super glowy and healthy. The matte one will be good for extremely hot months like May and June.

3. Sephora Professional Mineral Powder Brush – Rs. 1400/-


Recently, this has been my go to brush for foundation. It is soft and blends foundation like a dream. Any foundation refuses to look cakey when I use this brush. My clients love it too! I have washed it about 4 times and there was absolutely no shedding!

4. Sephora Professional Eye Liner Brush – Rs. 840/-


Angled brushes make eyeliner application much easier. This has a very fine tip which enables you to create thin liner looks as well as thick. Sephora Professional brushes have highly impressed me!

5. Clinique Even Better Concealer in “Orange Brightener”  – Rs. 1600/-


I wanted a brightener that would take care of under eye darkness. This does a great job of hiding any blueness or purple shadows under the eyes caused by veins and doubles the performance of your regular under eye concealer!

6. Sephora 8HR Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation in “Deep” – Rs. 1190/-


I wanted a sculpting powder that I could contour with. This was the best I could find that wasn’t overly orange. This has a slight grey undertone that makes it perfect for sculpting. This is their powder foundation in the darkest shade.

7. Benefit Go Tropi-Coral Lip and Cheek Kit – Rs. 2090/-



I wanted to try out some cult favorite benefit products and these palettes seem like a much better option. Especially since blushes and highlighters take forever to finish. I LOVE the Cha Cha Tint and High Beam. I am not a big fan of lip glosses so the Coralista Lip Gloss was a blah product for me.

8. Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit in “Light”- Rs. 2320/-



This is the perfect base makeup set. The primer is amazing, the foundation looks gorgeous, the concealers cover everything and the powder is great too! This is a win win palette if you want to try out some benefit base makeup products.

This is it for my Sephora Haul. I hope you enjoyed reading!

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Haul Series Part 9 – Kryolan Makeup Haul

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 17th December 2013

Hello everyone!

I had been wanting to go to the Kryolan store since ages but it just wasn’t happening! I finally told myself that I had to go and reached there at 7:10 pm because of immense traffic! The store shuts at 7! I was mega annoyed. But, the next day I gathered my motivation and decided to go again. This time I reached the store at 6:40! 😛

The store was open but it was on the verge of closing. By the time me and my friend were done, we had to leave through the back gate! 😛

The MUA and SA were both very friendly and helpful and they didn’t seem to mind us making them overwork! 🙂

This is what I got :


1. Kajal Pencil – Rs. 150/-


This is available in three colors : Black, Brown and Nude.

2. Brush No. 3612 – Rs. 160/-


This brush can be used to pack eye shadow on the lid. I intend to use this as a push liner brush.

3. Brush No. 9863 – Rs. 500


This is a fluffy crease eye shadow blending brush and it is very soft! 😀

Here is a comparison to the Kryolan Professional Art 3511 Brush :


As you can see, the black one is fluffier and blends eye shadows beautifully. The smaller one is a good brush for beginners and it can also be a great brush for defining the “outer v” of the eyes.

4. Faceliner – Colorcode 50 ( Navy Blue )


The concept of a “Faceliner” was interesting! I am sorry I don’t remember the exact price of these but they must be around 250/- or 300/-

5. Faceliner – Colorcode 22 ( Nude )


This would be a great brightening shade in the waterline.

Keep in mind that they dry a little bit during the winter time but they’re smooth in the summers. You can solve the dryness problem by blowing a hair dryer on them before using.

6. Lipstick – LC165 – Rs. 300/-


This is a brick red shade. If you’re someone who is afraid of intense reds then this will be a great starting shade for you.

7. Lipstick – LC083 – Rs. 300/-


This is a yellow based barbie pink shade.

8. Lipstick – LC150 ( Nude ) – Rs. 300/-


This is a coral-y nude shade.

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks :


Left to Right – LC150, LC165, LC083

9. Liner – 915 ( Turquoise ) and 913 ( Purple ) 


10. Dual Finish Compact ( 3W ) – Rs. 1200/-



This is almost like a powder foundation. You can use it with a wet brush or sponge to achieve higher coverage.

11. Sponges – Rs. 125/-


Just some sponges!

This is it for my Kryolan Haul!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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