Necklace Haul!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 17th February 2014

Hello everyone!

I love necklaces! They’re my most worn jewelry item. They make many outfits look more put together and just prettier in general. I have an array of various necklaces collected from various places over a good span of time.

Nowadays, beautiful intricate necklaces are available at unbeatable prices. One of the places that spoil you for choice is Sarojini Nagar. Many women, children even, carry a variety of splendid necklaces on sticks that you can purchase for as low as Rs. 100-350/-

There are more semi permanent shops at the entrance as well that sell almost the same stuff which is where I bought mine.

So here they are :


Indigo and Gold – Rs. 150/-


Pink and Gold Spikes – Rs. 150/-


Gold Beads – Rs. 150/-


Lilac and Gold – Rs. 150/-


Black Beads – Rs. 200/-


Green and Gold – Rs. 150/-


Black Beads and Gold Spikes – Rs. 150/-


Red and Gold – Rs. 150/-


Black and Silver – Rs. 300/-


Pops of Color and Silver – Rs. 300/-

This is it for my necklace haul! Please visit the Outfit Of The Day category above to see these pieces in action!

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