OOTD – Red & Leopard!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Sunday, 5th April 2015

Hello everyone!

Somehow, I feel like OOTDs are the most fun post to do on the blog. It has been a little nippy in Delhi due to the unforeseen rains but I’m not complaining! I’m enjoying the chilly weather and happily continue to live in my trusty blazers.

I have been looking everywhere for the perfect pair of gold metallic pumps and when I spotted them in Zara, you can imagine my level of excitement! I love leopard and red together as it makes a bold statement and I always accessorize this combination with touches of gold. I added this fun cage cuff and a statement necklace to match my pointy gold pumps and threw on a grey blazer to keep me toasty!

Here are the pictures :




This leopard print crop top was actually a full top but I turned it into a cropped one!








Details :

Gold Metallic Pointed Toe Pumps – Zara

Leopard Top Turned Into Crop Top, Grey Blazer – Sarojini Nagar

High Waisted Red Pants, All Rings, Grey Satchel Bag – Forever21

Statement Necklace, Gold Cage Cuff – 20Dresses

On My Lips – MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in “All Fired Up”

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OOTD – Monochrome Diaries!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 27th March 2015

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another outfit. It is suddenly so hot here that it freaks me out to think how much hotter it’s going to get. Well, as you all may know by now, I’m a savvy online shopper and love to find amazing pieces at the comfort of my own home (in pyjamas of course!) and a few of my favourite sites to shop from are StalkBuyLove, FabAlley, 20Dresses and StyleTag. They sell ridiculously cool pieces at decent prices and it is always convenient to have your stuff delivered right where you live.

This outfit is inspired by monochrome, so much monochrome that I’ve seen on the runways, on the streets, in the glossies et al. I love how black and white looks chic and spells class. The top I’m wearing is actually an off-shoulder bodysuit. I’ve been obsessed with leotards lately as they stay where they belong and don’t bunch up on the sides. The striped maxi skirt with a slit adds a little something extra to the look but the black hat is my favourite part of the outfit! I love how the orange lips bring a pop to the otherwise monochrome theme going on. Here are the pictures :










Details :

Black Off Shoulder Bodysuit – StalkBuyLove

Striped Maxi Skirt With Slit – FabAlley

Strappy Peep Toe Heels – StyleTag

Suede And Leather Clutch – Accessorize

Hat, Rings, Bow Bracelet and Bar Necklace – Forever21

Crystal Necklace – 20Dresses

Ear Cuff – Ebay

On My Lips – NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade “Indie Flick”

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OOTD – Animal Instinct!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Sunday, 15th March 2015

Hello everyone,

It is majorly weird that March is so chilly here in New Delhi. Usually around this time, we want to douse ourselves in icy water to save us from getting baked in the sun! That is why it is almost unbelievable that it is still blazer weather.

This outfit is definitely appropriate for this confusing climate as the jacket can be taken off for a more breathable outfit during the day while the boots keep my feet warm. I love how the soft khaki high waisted pants complement the earthy browns in my leotard and jacket without being too loud. Also, I love leotards or bodysuits (whatever you call them) as they stay nicely tucked in without bunching up on the sides.










Details :

Khaki High Waisted Pants – The Happening, GK

Brown Blazer – Sarojini Nagar

Animal Print Leotard, Boots – Forever21

Satchel Bag – The Great India Place

Leopard Sunglasses – Koovs

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OOTD – Monochrome Magic!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another outfit! I have decided to do separate posts per outfit now because that way I’ll be able to show you all the wonderful details of my look.

I recently came across this stunning pair of lace pants from Amazon. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew that I had to have it in my closet and I wanted to build a sophisticated monochrome look around it. I love how the animal print top creates a mixed pattern look and the blazer was just a perfect finishing touch to this whole outfit. Since it is still chilly in India, I decided to go with booties instead of snazzy sandals to keep me toasty. The bag used here is actually a sling but I prefer using it like a clutch,



Don’t be fooled! This is not really lace but rather just a print that unbelievably resembles the pattern which is much more practical and comfortable in daily life!






Details :

Lace Print Pants – Amazon

Animal Print Top, Long Beaded Necklace – Sarojini Nagar

Black Blazer, Black Booties, Ring, Spike Bracelet – Forever21

Sling Bag used as Clutch – StalkBuyLove

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Accessories Haul! – Handbags, Jewelry, Belts!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Sunday, 4th May 2014

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is going to be all about accessories. As promised in one of my previous posts, My Big Shoe Haul, I will be showing you all that I have bought recently. Know that this is a collective haul. All of this wasn’t purchased in a day!

Let’s Start!


Gold Metallic Belt – Rs. 495/- from 20Dresses.

I had been looking for a plain gold metallic belt for a long time and I found the perfect one on 20Dresses!


Lion Head Belt – Rs. 495-595/- ( I don’t remember exactly) from 20Dresses.

This is such a beautiful belt! Statement belts are in fashion right now! I have been wearing both these belts non-stop!


Spike Ring – Rs. 295/- from 20Dresses.

I had a lovely shopping experience with them. The site is great for accessories. I have my eyes on a few necklaces too! They were very kind to write a personalized letter along with my package and also sent a gift!


Golden Loops – Gift.


Peplum Belt – Rs. 599/- from Stalkbuylove.

This belt has become a wardrobe staple in my collection. It looks chic over so many things!


Mint Sling Bag – Rs. 1099/- from Stalkbuylove.


Nude Pink and White Cross Body Bag – Rs. 1399/- from Stalkbuylove.


I placed an order on CupidityOnline and my bags came gift wrapped! It was so exciting!


Nude Pink Glitter Cross Body Bag – Rs. 2000/- from Cupidity.


Shades of Blue Sling Bag – Rs. 2000/- from Cupidity


Brown Satchel Bag – Rs. 1800 from The Great India Place, Noida.


Black Sling/Clutch Bag – Rs. 1000/- from The Great India Place, Noida.


Army Green Tote Bag – Rs. 1100/- from Glorious, Cannaught Place.


Grey Satchel Bag – Rs. 1469/- from Forever21.


Navy Blue Studded Clutch – Rs. 500/- from Sarojini Nagar.


Brick Red Sling/Clutch – Rs. 400 from Sarojini Nagar.


White Tote Bag – Rs. 800/- from Sarojini Nagar.


3 Neck Pieces for Rs. 100 from Sarojini Nagar.


Gold Multi Chain – Rs. 150/- from Sarojini Nagar.


White and Silver Beaded Necklace – Rs. 150/- from Sarojini Nagar.

This is it for my accessories haul!

Please visit the “Outfit Of The Day” category to see all of these pieces in action!

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I hope you enjoyed reading!

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What’s In My August 2013 Vellvette Box/Bag?

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 30th August 2013

Hello everyone!

I received my Vellvette Box Bag yesterday and here is what it looks like :


I am glad they sent a pouch/bag instead of a big cardboard box. These bags are useful for storing things and come in handy for travel.

Here is a peek inside :


This month’s theme for the Vellvette Box was “Ticket To Hollywood”


I have been seeing “Bonus” products in many other blogger’s posts about this month’s Vellvette Box but I got only 3 products!


However, the good part is that there are 2 full size products.

The first product is the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme Gloss in “Sheer Cherry”. I have been meaning to try this product and I was excited about this in my bag. I am glad it is full size.


Many other bloggers got a clear version but I was glad to receive a beautiful color.

And NO, it does not plump up my lips. It doesn’t even feel tingly enough to be a lip plumper.

The Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker feels a lot tinglier than this. Read full review HERE

I would just call it a regular gloss. It smells like Cinnamon which is a little off putting because I don’t like the smell of Cinnamon. I do like the brush applicator though. I prefer brush applicators over doe foot applicators.


The next product is another full size product.

Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Aloe & Mint Balm. This is a repeat product. I saw it in the February issue.


I do like appreciate a full size balm. I am a lip balm hoarder and addict!

I do not like the smell of this. I can faintly smell mint and perhaps some Aloe. But, when I put it on my lips, I did feel the cooling sensation of mint and I could sense a whiff of mintyness.

I like that it is 100% Organic.

The last product is a disappointment! 😦 H2O Sea Results Deep Sleep Recovery Cream.


I have seen some other bloggers getting a much better sample of this product range. Maybe even a deluxe sized sample would’ve been alright.

I wish Vellvette paid more attention to the customer’s needs. I do not really need anti-aging right now! Plus any skincare takes atleast 3 weeks to start showing results. So, I don’t care about itty-bitty samples of skin care.

However, this claims “Overnight Treatment” so I guess this would last 2-3 uses. I will give it to my mother to try out!

Overall, here is what I got :


I will not say I am unhappy but I am not ecstatic either. I do like the gloss and the balm but that tiny sample of night cream didn’t do anything for me!

I’m hoping Vellvette steps up its game next month!

You can subscribe to the Vellvette Box here :  http://www.vellvette.com/

It costs :

– Rs. 499/- for a one-time box

– Rs. 1,099/- for a 3 month subscription

– Rs. 1,999/- for a half yearly subscription

– Rs. 3,599/- for an annual subscription.

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Thank you very much for reading! 🙂

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What’s In My Bag? :-D

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 23rd August 2013

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well! 🙂

This tag was always very fascinating to me, on YouTube too! A woman’s bag is a very private thing to her so its very exciting to see what other ladies like to carry!

I love seeing what other people think is important to have at hand and it also gives me ideas to be prepared in all most situations!

So here I am sharing with you all, what I carry in my bag! 🙂


I thrifted this bag from Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi for Rs. 800/- ($12) a year ago. I have used this bag to death and it still remains in tip top condition! 😀


I carry a lot of things around in my bag. It is very hard for me to carry a small bag because I feel like I am missing something all the time! However, I do not like a cluttered mess in my bag. I want to be able to find what I want really quick. So, I divide things and carry them in little bags.


Here are all the little bags that are inside :


Starting from the front closure :


I like to keep Tic Tacs ( breath mints ) in the very front pocket. That makes them easily accessible and I like having them handy. I alternate between a wide variety of mints but Tic Tacs are the most easily available. I am considering switching to a sugar free mint since I eat them all day!


The first thing inside my bag is my wallet. I got this wallet from Kazo for Rs. 1200/- ($18)


The next thing is a hair brush. Who doesn’t need a hairbrush? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to tame your wild hair and you forgot your hairbrush? :-O

I have been there a lot of times! So, I keep a travel comb inside my wallet in case I forget my hairbrush! 😛


The second little bag has all my general necessities ( L-R ) :

1. A Lotion / Moisturizer / Hand Cream. Whatever I can find at that time!

2. A Hand Sanitizer.

3. The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Solid Perfume.

4. The Body Shop White Musk Libertine EDT.

5. My Hello Kitty Lens Case.

6. Travel Size Bottle Of Listerine.


Then, I have two cases that carry my spectacles and sunglasses each.


This is the makeup bag I use. I got this from a trade-fair for Rs. 300/- ($5). It is extremely soft.

It deserves a full post on what is inside so I will not be showing it here.


Apparently I need two pairs of earphones! 😛

The Pink ones are Skull Candy Stereo Earphones that I use for music and the White ones are Apple EarPods that I use for talking.


Lastly, I have my keys with a Hello Kitty key ring and a Pepper Spray!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I do not use the same handbag everyday. I like to keep changing my bags according to my outfits. This is such a neutral bag, it goes with everything and I do use it a lot. The things inside remain pretty much the same with whatever bag I choose to carry on any given day.

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Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Thank you!