*NEW* Sugar Matte As Hell Lip Crayons – 6 New Shades

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you 6 new lipsticks in my collection.

Sugar has launched new shades in their existing lip crayon range.



As you already know, the formula of the Sugar lip crayons is one of my favourites! The 6 new shades look beautiful and there are some fun colours.

Here are some reasons why I love these :

  • Highly pigmented
  • Comfortable matte finish
  • Long wearing (up to 6 hours)
  • Amazing shades
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Only cost Rs. 799/- each

Let’s move onto the shades :



Coraline Jones – BUY HERE


Viola – BUY HERE


Jackie Brown – BUY HERE


Princess Peach – BUY HERE


Cherry Darling – BUY HERE


Elle Woods – BUY HERE

I hope you guys like this review and found it helpful.

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By Aishwarya Kaushal

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing my review on the newest addition to Whisper’s range of sanitary pads.



I am sure all girls who are reading this can relate to me when I say periods are the most difficult time of the month. We certainly do not need a rash-causing, leaking and uncomfortable pad to add to the misery. We usually stick to the ones we love but everyone now and then, I like to branch out and try another pad that would make the 3-5 days a little more smooth-sailing.


The word “Ultra Soft” immediately caught my attention and to my delight, it did not disappoint. This is hands down the most comfortable pad that I have ever used and it’s safe to say that this is as comfortable as it gets when it comes to pads. The uber soft surface gives absolutely no rashes and feels very light.


I suggest you to change your pad every 4-5 hours like you would usually do. Having said that, this one doesn’t feel heavy and is also super absorbent.

All in all, I have found my new go-to pad and I will definitely be sticking with this one!

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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Hello everyone!

I hope all of you have been well. I know I haven’t posted on YouTube in a few days but do not worry! I’ll be back super soon! I have lots of videos filmed for you and now I have to get back to editing. These past few days have been super hectic but super fun too!

I wanted to share all my outfits that I wore to the Amazon India Fashion Week. I absolutely love dressing up and fashion week was just another opportunity to be extra! I know my style is a little different and not everyone’s cup of tea but I do not like to blindly follow trends just to fit in. I wear what I love and I like experimenting and being extra when it comes to fashion.

So here are all the outfits and the details that I wore for each day of Fashion Week :

Day 1 :





Khaki Top & Padded Shoulder Blazer – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Skirt – Forever21

Shoes – Koovs

Belt – 20Dresses

Bag – Noel Jansen

Sunglasses – Aliexpress

Day 2 :





Fringed Leather Jacket, Red Top – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Wide Leg Trousers, Shoes – Forever21

Belt – 20Dresses

Bag – Noel Jansen

Day 3 :




Beige Cardigan, Suede Boots – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Bodysuit – StalkBuyLove

Skirt – Sarojini Nagar

Belt, Bag – Kazo

Day 4 :



Leopard Coat – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Skirt – Forever21

Belt – Sarojini Nagar

Bodysuit – AliExpress

Bag – Kazo

Leopard Sunglasses, Shoes – Koovs

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know which outfit was your favourite!

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The ZenFone 3: The Perfect Companion for the Fashion Obsessed

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Wednesday 28th September 2016

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is going to be very special as I have recently fallen in love with a new phone! I’m talking about the latest in technology, the brand new ASUS ZENFONE3!

As you may know by now, I’m selfie-obsessed. So, one of the most important features that I look for in a phone is the camera, both front and back. The Asus Zenfone3 features an impressive 8MP front shooter which has a built in “beautifying” filter. The filter imparts a doll-like glow to the face and blurs any imperfections you may have. The primary camera is 16MP, records in 1080p HD and has a continuous auto-focus along with a dual tone flash. The display is also 1920X1080 so you can enjoy videos in full HD.

The screen measures 5.5 inches and the phone is considerably lightweight at 155gms. It has a 4GB RAM which means no hang-ups, smooth and fast functioning.

Fully equipped with Bluetooth, Radio, a memory card slot (expandable upto 256GB) and Wifi, this is currently one of the most amazing phones in the market.

It comes in four colours :

  1. Moonlight White
  2. Shimmer Gold
  3. Aqua Blue
  4. Sapphire Black

But wait, with all this wonderful technology, you’d expect a sky-high price! You’d be happy to know that ASUS brings you their best at only Rs. 27,999/-

Here are a few pictures clicked with the Asus Zenfone3 :




Primary Camera


Primary Camera


Primary Camera

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BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 25th July 2016

Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing one of the recent additions to my perfume collection from the house of BVLGARI

Bigarade Orange, Passion Fruit, Passion Flower, Brazilian Gardenia, Cocoa Beans, Vetiver Essence. Bvlgari, the master of colorful gemstones, reveals Omnia Paraiba, a new jewel perfume inspired by the extravagant radiance of a rare, colorful, and fascinating Brazilian gemstone, the Paraibatourmaline.


Ingredients :


I love the unique blue bottle of this fragrance. The product dispenses from a spray nozzle on top. The smell of this perfume is very fruity-floral which is exactly the kind of combination I like. However, the fruity side of this scent definitely leaves more of an impression. Upon the first spray, you will get an undeniable hit of sour passion fruit and bitter orange which will slowly subside to a lighter version of itself overtime.


The lasting power of this perfume is commendable. I could even sniff it the next day on me and it left a noticeable fragrance on my pillow. It is definitely a young and fun scent but still very strong.

Price – Around Rs. 6000/-


The bottle looks beautiful sitting on top of your vanity however, my only issue is that the push spray nozzle on top is not fit to take in your purse.

It is definitely a great addition to any perfume collection provided you like a strong, sour fruity-floral scent. I will use this up for sure and then look into other Bvlgari fragrances!

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Medimix Face Wash Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 19th July 2016

Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing the Medimix face wash. I have been an avid user of the classic Medimix soap for quite a while. It helps get rid of acne and bacteria on the body and makes me feel super clean! So when I came across the face wash, I was excited to try it since I have been such a fan of the soap.


This face wash is suitable for all skin types and promises to give you pimple free, glowing skin. It is free from parabens, comprises of eco-friendly ingredients and is made with 6 essential herbs.


It comes in a simple squeeze tube packaging that is very convenient to use and to travel with. You can find it in your local drugstores and pharmacies for Rs. 60 (50ml).


Ingredients :


The actual product is gel based and is slightly greenish in color. I use it twice a day and take a minute to rub the product onto my skin in circular motions, after which I wash my face with cold water. My skin is on the combination side and this face wash doesn’t make me excessively oily or dry. It balances my skin and imparts a natural glow upon regular usage. My skin does not feel squeaky clean as it doesn’t strip my skin of it’s natural oils. I am blessed to have naturally acne-free skin (barring some hormonal zits) but, for the most part, this has kept me pimple free.


I will continue to use it as it works perfectly for my skin. It is readily available and is very affordable too!

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Deborah Milano Perfect Smokey Eye Palettes in Bronze, Rose & Khaki Review!

Hello everyone!

If you have been following my channel on YouTube, you know how much I adore mysterious, smokey eyes. I recently received these beautiful Deborah Milano Smokey Eye Palettes and I have used them quite a bit.


They retail for Rs. 850/- per palette and each set comes equipped with 5 shades, which ensures that you do not need to reach for any other shadows to complete your smokey eye look.


There are a total of 8 palettes in this collection and each one is special in it’s own way. Ranging from blues to khakis, purples to bronzes, there is a palette to suit everyone’s fancy.







They swatch really well on the arms, giving complete pigmentation in one swipe itself. Brushes also pick up the shadows in high intensity so you have to make sure you tap off the excess product to not end up with too much on your eyes. They are easy to blend and last for 6-8 hours on me since I do not have oily eyelids. You can of course apply an eye shadow primer to make them even more intense and last longer.













In conclusion, I think they are a great item to have in your vanity. The matte shadows in the palettes are just as good as the shimmery ones. I definitely recommend you to give them a try! 🙂

P.S. If you want to see them in action, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you found it helpful.

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*Product provided by brand for review. All opinions expressed are 100% genuine and my own.

Hourglass Angel Active Band Waist Trainer Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 11th April 2016

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts, I have started an elaborate waist training regime. I am glad to see so many requests on my social media from you guys to share my workout routine and review my waist trainers. Today I will be reviewing the Hourglass Angel Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia.

“Waist Training” is a relatively recent phenomenon and was popularized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. I was a little sceptical about hopping on the bandwagon at first but I must say, I am glad I took my leap because I have never been happier with my waist size.

I have been using a set of 3 different waist trainers to achieve my waist size and the one I am talking about today is actually a workout band.


This one by Hourglass Angel has been my best friend to workout with!

Here are some of the features of this product :

  • Latex core for firm, comfortable support
  • Cotton inner lining
  • Hook-and-eye closures
  • Flexi-boning
  • Firm compression

It works by increasing thermal activity stimulating perspiration in the midsection which slowly burns away the excess fat. It is designed to wear while working out but can also be worn under clothing. To be honest, I prefer a thinner waist trainer to wear under my clothes. This one is thick and firm so it is great to boost my workouts. If you suffer from a lot of loose, saggy fat though, you may want a firmer waist trainer under your clothes, for which this one is perfect!


However, before you jump on the trend, there are a few things to keep in mind. It should not be worn while doing ab exercises as it may constrict breathing. I love wearing mine while running and also while I do other cardio and weight exercises as it seriously holds my midsection in place and tones it while I work the rest of my body.

Also, keep in mind that this is not a magic tool. It is meant to aid your waist training routine, boost your workout and provide extra help to achieve that hourglass shape. You can definitely wear it under clothing to achieve a more streamlined appearance but the real result will be visible if you follow it with a kickass workout routine and the right diet.

Having said that, I have been working out for years but I have never had a smaller waist than I have now. I do keep a check on my diet and avoid sugar wherever I can but I have definitely seen a major result in my abdomen after I started exercising with my workout band. I like to wear mine 3-4 times a week, as many workouts as I can squeeze in seven days and I will usually wear it for about 60 minutes.


If you are someone who is just starting out, you may want to start with some high-intensity cardio workouts first. After your body is accustomed to that level of exercise, you can easily wear your waist band to step-up your hourglass game. Having a clean, nutritious diet is always step in the right direction not only for your waist size, but for your overall health as well.

To sum up, I am very happy with my workout band. If used regularly and correctly coupled with regular exercise and the right diet, you are sure to see some amazing results!

I hope you found this review helpful. Don’t forget to check out Hourglass Angel for all sorts of waist training equipment including conventional waist trainers, workout bands, corsets and other shape wear.

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial + Outfit!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Thursday, 11th February 2016

Hello everyone!

Here is a look I created for Valentine’s Day :


Products Used :

1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC30
2. Chambor Silver Shadow Compact in RR2 Rose Pale
3. Maybelline The Nudes Palette
4. Faces Ultime Pro Eye Crayon in Night Fever
5. Lotus Ecostay Kajal
6. Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
7. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
8. Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
9. Loreal Base Magique Primer
10. Faces Glam On Prime Perfect Foundation in Ivory
11. Clinique Even Better Concealer in Orange Brightener
12. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Ivory
13. Kryolan Eye Shadow Single in TV Brown
14. LA Girl Pro Conceal in Toast
15. Faces Glam On Blush in Gold Dust
16. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle
17. Sleek Eyebrow Kits in Light & Dark
18. Deborah Milano Lip Pencil in 07
19. Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha
20. Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 4
21. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo
22. Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red
23. MAC Fix+

Here is the outfit that I’m wearing :






Details :

Dress – StalkBuyLove

Gold Pointed Pumps – Zara

Clutch – Kins

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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 11th December 2015

Hello everyone!

It finally feels like we are amidst a chilly winter and I could not be more pumped. This definitely is my favourite time of the year as I get to break out my turtle-necks, boots and overcoats. Another perk about this season is that you can have your hair down and be toasty!

I have always dreamed of having long, shiny, healthy and beautiful hair. But, with the amount of torture my hair actually goes through, (colouring heat styling etc) it gets extremely difficult to maintain a healthy mane that looks fresh minus the dry and split ends. Since my work revolves around fashion and beauty, I’m required to try different looks and maintain shiny tresses. But sadly, my hair grows out at a very slow rate and who has years to wait when you have always wanted long hair? In fact why wait? The quick solution? Hair Extensions!


I was on the lookout for the perfect set of hair extensions that were high quality, looked natural and were easy to style. After a thorough search on the internet, I came across Irresistible Me, a brand that offered all that I was looking for and more! Also since I colour my hair a very unique shade of brown, it gets next to impossible to find my shade. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see a set that looked like a highly promising match.






These hair extensions are 100% human hair which means they can be washed, coloured, heat styled and combed out perfectly. You are sure to find a colour match on Irresistible Me but in case you don’t, you can easily colour them at home or take them to the salon for your custom shade.


The set that I have is called Silky Touch Silky Light Brown #6. It is a 200gm set and is 24 inches long. This set comes in 3 variants and includes :

  • 200 g sets (10 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)
  • 140 g sets (8 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 3 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 2 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)
  • 100 g sets (7 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 2 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)


I cannot say enough good things about this brand. I have been wearing mine for about 2-3 months now and have noticed minimal to no shedding. They look natural as can be and feel very soft to touch. I heat style them and wash them yet they have maintained their healthy feel, look and shine.


Irresistible Me has multiple variations of colour, volume, length, style and type depending upon your exact need. They also have ponytails and wigs as well as hair tools! So you’re sure to end your search here.

I highly suggest you look into their website. For any further details, you can watch a whole video review I created for my hair extensions here :


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 20th November 2015

Hello everyone!

I have been trying a lot of products from Makeup Revolution recently and have been highly impressed with them. This recent discovery took my heart away and this is called the Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow palette in “Eyes Like Angels”



Each shade is buttery, soft and amazingly pigmented. I am super excited to create some stunning looks with these colours!

These palettes are also available in neutral versions called “Flawless Mattes” and “Flawless Neutrals”

flawlessmatte01 (1) (1)


The best part is that you can get yours at a pretty sweet deal of Rs. 1250/- each instead of their original price (Rs. 1750/-) from Flipkart and Amazon. This offer is only applicable for the first 500 orders so grab yours while the offer still stands because these beauties are stunning!

Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel (Aishwarya Kaushal) to see some upcoming looks with my new palette!


New Video – No Makeup Makeup Look : Many Tips & Tricks!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Wednesday, 18th November 2015

Hello everyone!
I know this video is kinda long but I just had so much to say! Let me know if you enjoy watching long chatty videos on makeup. Personally, I love long and detailed makeup videos. This video is full of many tips and tricks so make sure you watch till the end!
Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Products Used :
1. Benefit The Porefessional Primer
2. Kryolan Brush On Concealer in “No2”
3. Kryolan Derma Colour Camouflage Creme in “D3”
4. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Powder in “PO3”
5. Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in “Medium”
6. The Body Shop Eye Brow Kit
7. Faces Glam On Blush in “Gold Dust – 03”
8. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
9. Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
10. Lotus Colorkick Kajal
11. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Sweetheart”
12. NYX Lip Liner in “Natural”
13. MAC Fix Plus


Olens India Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray Lenses Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Wednesday, 14th October 2015

Hello everyone!

As you may know by now, I’m an avid contact lens wearer and love to change the colour of my lenses regularly. I have been wearing contact lenses for about 6-7 years now so, it’s safe to say that I have tried numerous brands as well as colours.

A brand that I’ve been wearing for around 2 months now is called Olens. The unique part about this brand is that they have introduced 3 colour lenses in India which are so beautiful and gorgeous that I want to own every single colour! They are already huge in South Korea, other countries of Asia and Europe. Much loved by celebs too, now they have ventured into India!

The ones that I have been obsessing over are called Jenith 3 color in “Sky Gray”. These are stunning gray lenses with a dark gray rim that blends into a light gray shade and then into a hazel ombre.

You can of course customize your power requirements and each pair only costs Rs. 1690/-

I cannot say enough good things about this brand. As a regular lens wearer, my eyes used to get really dry and felt dehydrated after prolonged wear of lenses. I was pleasantly surprised one day when I wore these for 12 hours and my eyes still felt comfortable and normal. The lens is much smaller, in that it has a smaller transparent rim around the outside which makes them a whole lot more comfortable and makes a world of a difference. These are hands down the easiest, most comfortable lenses I have ever worn!

I have finally found a brand that I want to stick to. They come in a variety of colours like blue, brown, green and pink and I’m sure I’ll be getting more in the future!

Here is how they look on me :

FullSizeRender (3)




You can check out their website : www.o-lens.co.in



I hope this helped you in finding your perfect lenses!

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Vanity Cube Review (Hair Spa Service)

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Thursday, 3rd September 2015

Hello everyone!

While we race against time and struggle to take a deep breath in our fast-moving lives, we often forget to reward ourselves along the process and enjoy the journey. A visit to the spa for some relaxation or the salon for a great beauty session is what every woman desires and finds great pleasure in. But what is better than that? A spa/salon that comes to your doorstep!

I recently came across a website called “Vanity Cube” and was pleasantly surprised to see a company on the block that has chosen to make our lives just a little bit better by providing us great quality services at ridiculously cool prices at the comfort of our own homes! I went ahead and instantly booked a Loreal Hair Spa service because my tresses were in need of some TLC as I torture them a lot with heat, colour, chemical treatments etc!

My service was promptly booked and for those of you who want the process to be even easier, they also an App that you can download and book your favourite service in a jiffy. They have an extensive service menu that ranges from basic salon stuff to upscale makeup options, hair styling, spa services and much more!

A friendly lady arrived at my doorstep and set up her equipments. She applied the Loreal Hair Spa cream to the entirety of my head (from root to tip) and then began to give me one of the best scalp massages I have ever had. She even extended the massage to my neck and back area which felt like a whole spa experience! My hair was then steamed so all the goodness could penetrate deep inside.


I am delighted with the results! My hair now feels extremely soft to touch and looks incredibly shiny. It feels like I’ve got some health back to my hair. I have always been a fan of the hair spa service but I often miss out on my monthly treat because of my hectic schedule. The service from Vanity Cube not only costs lesser than many other places but is also supremely convenient due to doorstep service. I have had a very smooth and happy experience with them and suggest you all to give them a try! 🙂


Visit vanitycube.in or download the VanityCube App on your mobile!

Champagne Eyes and Red Lips Ft. Fab Bag Products + Outfit!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 28th July 2015

Hello everyone!


I decided to create a complete look inspired by the “Red Carpet” Fab Bag for the month of July.

Here is the makeup tutorial using the products that came in the Fab Bag :

Products Mentioned :

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub

Ayorma Fairness & Anti – Tan Face Wash

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in “NC 30”

Loreal True Match Foundation in “Rosy Vanilla”

Chambor Silver Shadow Compact in “RR2 Rose Pale”

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in “04 Deep Matte”

Sleek Face Form in “Medium”

Sleek Blush By 3 in “Pink Sprint”

Sleek Eyebrow Kit in “Dark”

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows in “Peach Smoothie”, “Frappé”, “Cocoa Bear”, “Mocha” and “Gold Digger”

Makeup Geek Pigment in “Afterglow”

Lotus Colorkick Kajal

Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner in “01 Black Swan”

Colorbar Eyelash Curler

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Maybelline The Colossal Mascara

NYX Lip Liner in “Natural

Flormar Loose Powder

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in “Ruby”

Tommy G Dual Lipstick in “Red”

Vana Vidhi Italian Bergamot Summer Shimmer Sunscreen on Arms & Legs

You can Subscribe To The Fab Bag HERE

I have also created a glam outfit to pair with this look. I am wearing a gorgeous spiked corset from Madish The Style Bar that I got a while ago. A form-fitting black pencil skirt is what I decided on to let the corset shine in focus. Thrown over is a blazer which in my opinion, transforms the whole look into an upscale red carpet attire.

Also seen on me is a black and gold clutch from Accessorize and gold pointed Zara pumps!


















I hope you like this look!

Outfit Details :

Spiked Corset – MadishTheStyleBar

Black Pencil Skirt – Forever21

Gold Metallic Pointed Pumps – Zara

Black Blazer – Sarojini Nagar

Clutch – Accessorize

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What’s In My July 2015 Fab Bag?

Hello everyone!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 17th July 2015

I received my Fab Bag yesterday and made a detailed video for you guys! It’s a first impressions and review and I hope you enjoy my video!

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Products Mentioned :

1. Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick – Ruby – Full Size
2. SUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Full Size
3. Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen – 60 ml Sample
4. Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub & Face Wash – 8ml Samples

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Jabong Beauty Blogger Meet!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Friday, 26th June 2015

Hello everyone!


I was invited to the Jabong beauty blogger meet held on the 24th, focusing on newly launched brands on the e-commerce giant. The brands in question are Makeup Revolution London and Roman Beauty.


We were introduced to the remarkable brands and got to experience the formulations and the workings first-hand.


Roman beauty is a hair styling brand that offers epic, automatic products like hair straighteners and curling irons delivering fast and lust-worthy results. We had a gala time exploring various tools and testing them out for ourselves!


But admittedly, the most exciting and fun part was of course, makeup! I am highly impressed with the quality of products from Makeup Revolution and will definitely indulge in a few palettes myself. I felt that the star products of this brand are it’s wide ranging eye shadow palettes with something for everyone to choose from.




The opacity and pigmentation of these shadows is beyond fantastic and the price that you pay for them is highly justified. I suggest you get your hands on one of them soon to try them out for yourself. Many palettes in this collection are great, inexpensive dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

After the grand introduction to these products, we proceeded to enjoy a lovely meal with fellow bloggers.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

P.S. An outfit post will be up very soon showing you what I wore to this meet. So, stay tuned!

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Hello everyone!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Sunday, 21st June 2015

Here is my detailed review, unboxing and first impressions on the June Fab Bag!

I hope you enjoy.

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Products Mentioned :

1. Cuccio Colour Nail Paint – Manhattan Mayhem
2. Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend – Papaya & Guava
3. Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25
4. Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Oily Skin
5. All Good Scents Perfume – Rockstar

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What’s In My May 2015 Fab Bag?

Hello everyone!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Wednesday, 27th May 2015

I received my Fab Bag yesterday and made a detailed video for you guys! It’s a first impressions and review and I hope you enjoy my video!

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Products Mentioned :

1. Be A Bombshell The One Stick in “Sunset”
2. Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub
3. Clarins New UV Sunscreen Tube
4. Fab Bag Bonus Scarf

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