Hello there,

I’m Aishwarya Kaushal. I had an urge to share and extend my love for all things gorgeous which is why this blog was born! You will find a variety of articles ranging from makeup product reviews, beauty/fashion tips, fashion hauls to my everyday outfits, all personally penned by yours truly.

I am also a YouTuber and regularly upload videos on beauty product reviews, makeup tutorials, fun tag videos and my shopping hauls!

You can watch my videos here :


If you want to know a little bit more about me –

I’m a mass communication graduate and a self taught makeup artist and have taught the art of makeup to many lovely ladies in the past. I have an unhealthy addiction to Pizza and Pasta. Same with shoes. And makeup. And bags. And jewelry. And clothes. And puppies.Β You see where this is going?

If you’re a brand looking to collaborate –

Feel free to send me your items for my honest review. To get in touch, mail me at queriesforaishwarya@gmail.comΒ 

I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to watch my videos and read my posts. I hope my content inspires you in some way and teaches you something new and fun!

For feedback, questions or just to say hello, email me at queriesforaishwarya@gmail.com

Till then, let’s connect on social media :

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Thank You! πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Anusha says:

    How you find ur blog name (glamour ignited)?if there is a interesting story behind ur blog name please let us know becos we want know more about u.πŸ’“

  2. Ruchita says:

    I am following you on youtube, instagram. You are stunning and your style is fablous 😍😊

  3. lekha says:

    Its nice to know you through Youtube,

    I have been following you from long time and I am a great fan of your style, apart of being a fan I am also a brand manager for Hook & Eye.

    We are a fairly new brand in women western wear based out of Noida.

    We have web presence as http://hookandeye.in/.

    I would really appreciate if you can spare sometime when you are in Delhi to visit our office and evaluate the styles we are producing and discuss the opportunity.

  4. Shabana says:

    Hi there gorgeous 😊 I m really impressed to finally see a make up tutorial by a beautiful Indian woman on You Tube. You were totally a pro at it and so effortless and natural. By the way how old are you and are you married? I m going to be an avid follower now, keep up the great work, cheers 🌹🌹🌹

  5. dr121neeru says:

    U r absolutely stunning.
    please update more of the winters fashion stuffs.wud love watching the trends by u:))
    U r stunning but its a request take u r selfies without that curtain in an open garden or something.They will turn nice.

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