Hourglass Angel Active Band Waist Trainer Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 11th April 2016

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts, I have started an elaborate waist training regime. I am glad to see so many requests on my social media from you guys to share my workout routine and review my waist trainers. Today I will be reviewing the Hourglass Angel Active Band Waist Trainer by Amia.

“Waist Training” is a relatively recent phenomenon and was popularized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. I was a little sceptical about hopping on the bandwagon at first but I must say, I am glad I took my leap because I have never been happier with my waist size.

I have been using a set of 3 different waist trainers to achieve my waist size and the one I am talking about today is actually a workout band.


This one by Hourglass Angel has been my best friend to workout with!

Here are some of the features of this product :

  • Latex core for firm, comfortable support
  • Cotton inner lining
  • Hook-and-eye closures
  • Flexi-boning
  • Firm compression

It works by increasing thermal activity stimulating perspiration in the midsection which slowly burns away the excess fat. It is designed to wear while working out but can also be worn under clothing. To be honest, I prefer a thinner waist trainer to wear under my clothes. This one is thick and firm so it is great to boost my workouts. If you suffer from a lot of loose, saggy fat though, you may want a firmer waist trainer under your clothes, for which this one is perfect!


However, before you jump on the trend, there are a few things to keep in mind. It should not be worn while doing ab exercises as it may constrict breathing. I love wearing mine while running and also while I do other cardio and weight exercises as it seriously holds my midsection in place and tones it while I work the rest of my body.

Also, keep in mind that this is not a magic tool. It is meant to aid your waist training routine, boost your workout and provide extra help to achieve that hourglass shape. You can definitely wear it under clothing to achieve a more streamlined appearance but the real result will be visible if you follow it with a kickass workout routine and the right diet.

Having said that, I have been working out for years but I have never had a smaller waist than I have now. I do keep a check on my diet and avoid sugar wherever I can but I have definitely seen a major result in my abdomen after I started exercising with my workout band. I like to wear mine 3-4 times a week, as many workouts as I can squeeze in seven days and I will usually wear it for about 60 minutes.


If you are someone who is just starting out, you may want to start with some high-intensity cardio workouts first. After your body is accustomed to that level of exercise, you can easily wear your waist band to step-up your hourglass game. Having a clean, nutritious diet is always step in the right direction not only for your waist size, but for your overall health as well.

To sum up, I am very happy with my workout band. If used regularly and correctly coupled with regular exercise and the right diet, you are sure to see some amazing results!

I hope you found this review helpful. Don’t forget to check out Hourglass Angel for all sorts of waist training equipment including conventional waist trainers, workout bands, corsets and other shape wear.

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