Vanity Cube Review (Hair Spa Service)

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Thursday, 3rd September 2015

Hello everyone!

While we race against time and struggle to take a deep breath in our fast-moving lives, we often forget to reward ourselves along the process and enjoy the journey. A visit to the spa for some relaxation or the salon for a great beauty session is what every woman desires and finds great pleasure in. But what is better than that? A spa/salon that comes to your doorstep!

I recently came across a website called “Vanity Cube” and was pleasantly surprised to see a company on the block that has chosen to make our lives just a little bit better by providing us great quality services at ridiculously cool prices at the comfort of our own homes! I went ahead and instantly booked a Loreal Hair Spa service because my tresses were in need of some TLC as I torture them a lot with heat, colour, chemical treatments etc!

My service was promptly booked and for those of you who want the process to be even easier, they also an App that you can download and book your favourite service in a jiffy. They have an extensive service menu that ranges from basic salon stuff to upscale makeup options, hair styling, spa services and much more!

A friendly lady arrived at my doorstep and set up her equipments. She applied the Loreal Hair Spa cream to the entirety of my head (from root to tip) and then began to give me one of the best scalp massages I have ever had. She even extended the massage to my neck and back area which felt like a whole spa experience! My hair was then steamed so all the goodness could penetrate deep inside.


I am delighted with the results! My hair now feels extremely soft to touch and looks incredibly shiny. It feels like I’ve got some health back to my hair. I have always been a fan of the hair spa service but I often miss out on my monthly treat because of my hectic schedule. The service from Vanity Cube not only costs lesser than many other places but is also supremely convenient due to doorstep service. I have had a very smooth and happy experience with them and suggest you all to give them a try! 🙂


Visit or download the VanityCube App on your mobile!

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