Makeup Geek Haul – An Indian Experience!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Saturday, 23rd May 2015

Hello everyone!


I recently hauled some Makeup Geek eye shadows and I am so excited to finally get my hands on them! I have been wanting to buy these shadows for the longest time and trust me when I say they are amazing and totally worth your money!

Warm toned neutrals are my comfort zone so of course I wanted to start building my MUG eyeshadow collection with the most wearable shades. I bought a total of seven eye shadows, a small Z-Palette and one pigment, all of which are fantastic!

I will be uploading a video soon showing live swatches and sharing my review and experience while shopping from So, if you have any questions regarding shipping, custom duties etc, please wait till I upload my video as I have covered most of the FAQs.

Now for the actual haul :

1. Z-Palette ( Small )



Comes with lots of tiny magnets to stick things that aren’t magnetised and a handy little note on how to depot your makeup!

2. Eye Shadow in “Peach Smoothie”


Warm, skin toned, muted peach.

3. Eye Shadow in “Gold Digger”


Shimmery, yellow gold

4. Eye Shadow in “Frappé”


Matte, muddy light brown

5. Eye Shadow in “Cosmopolitan”


Shimmery, pinkish copper

6. Eye Shadow in “Cocoa Bear”


Matte, reddish brown

7. Eye Shadow in “Mocha”


Dark Brown

8. Eye Shadow in “Corrupt”


Black with tiny specs of shimmer that are not visible on the lids. Comes out matte.

Ingredients :


Swatches :



9. Pigment in “After Glow”



Ingredients :


Swatch :


Here is what my Z-Palette looks like :



Now I feel that I should have just got 9 shadows and completed my palette! I don’t like those two empty spots! Though I’m sure they’ll fill up soon! 😛

I hope this post was helpful!

My video will be up shortly.

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Thank you! :-)

4 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Haul – An Indian Experience!

  1. Amina ali says:

    Just wanted to know which shipping mode did you choose.. And how many days did it take for shipping

  2. Swathi says:

    Hello Aishwarya, Where can I get the MAC eye shadows online in India? want to take couple of them.. Please help me on it.

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