Excited for Spring?

Hello lovelies! ❤

So Spring is here in Delhi. Look around and what do we see?

Pretty pastels, loose sheer clothing, bright nail and lip colors!

Its time to say Tah-Tah to Oxblood ( which by the way I did NOT get enough dose of, I’m sure I’ll be waiting for next fall so I can overdose myself again)

Let’s face it, Indian summers are HOT! So to keep cool wear loose clothing, pretty flip flops or sandals and don’t forget to paint those toenails a bright color.

My obsession with Coral and Mint will settle my current obsession with Oxblood. All the over the place you’ll find beautiful pieces with intricate collar or button detailing which is appropriate too because we just cannot have our hair down with the sun burning above.

Switch over to white pants. They can be tricky because we don’t have perfect bodies but skinny white jeans and a loose chiffon or georgette blouse can look so flattering.

So bring out your colors and enjoy Spring! ❤

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