*NEW* Sugar Matte As Hell Lip Crayons – 6 New Shades

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you 6 new lipsticks in my collection.

Sugar has launched new shades in their existing lip crayon range.



As you already know, the formula of the Sugar lip crayons is one of my favourites! The 6 new shades look beautiful and there are some fun colours.

Here are some reasons why I love these :

  • Highly pigmented
  • Comfortable matte finish
  • Long wearing (up to 6 hours)
  • Amazing shades
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Only cost Rs. 799/- each

Let’s move onto the shades :



Coraline Jones – BUY HERE


Viola – BUY HERE


Jackie Brown – BUY HERE


Princess Peach – BUY HERE


Cherry Darling – BUY HERE


Elle Woods – BUY HERE

I hope you guys like this review and found it helpful.

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By Aishwarya Kaushal

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing my review on the newest addition to Whisper’s range of sanitary pads.



I am sure all girls who are reading this can relate to me when I say periods are the most difficult time of the month. We certainly do not need a rash-causing, leaking and uncomfortable pad to add to the misery. We usually stick to the ones we love but everyone now and then, I like to branch out and try another pad that would make the 3-5 days a little more smooth-sailing.


The word “Ultra Soft” immediately caught my attention and to my delight, it did not disappoint. This is hands down the most comfortable pad that I have ever used and it’s safe to say that this is as comfortable as it gets when it comes to pads. The uber soft surface gives absolutely no rashes and feels very light.


I suggest you to change your pad every 4-5 hours like you would usually do. Having said that, this one doesn’t feel heavy and is also super absorbent.

All in all, I have found my new go-to pad and I will definitely be sticking with this one!

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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Hello everyone!

I hope all of you have been well. I know I haven’t posted on YouTube in a few days but do not worry! I’ll be back super soon! I have lots of videos filmed for you and now I have to get back to editing. These past few days have been super hectic but super fun too!

I wanted to share all my outfits that I wore to the Amazon India Fashion Week. I absolutely love dressing up and fashion week was just another opportunity to be extra! I know my style is a little different and not everyone’s cup of tea but I do not like to blindly follow trends just to fit in. I wear what I love and I like experimenting and being extra when it comes to fashion.

So here are all the outfits and the details that I wore for each day of Fashion Week :

Day 1 :





Khaki Top & Padded Shoulder Blazer – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Skirt – Forever21

Shoes – Koovs

Belt – 20Dresses

Bag – Noel Jansen

Sunglasses – Aliexpress

Day 2 :





Fringed Leather Jacket, Red Top – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Wide Leg Trousers, Shoes – Forever21

Belt – 20Dresses

Bag – Noel Jansen

Day 3 :




Beige Cardigan, Suede Boots – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Bodysuit – StalkBuyLove

Skirt – Sarojini Nagar

Belt, Bag – Kazo

Day 4 :



Leopard Coat – NA-KD

Use code “GLAMOUR20” at checkout for a discount

Skirt – Forever21

Belt – Sarojini Nagar

Bodysuit – AliExpress

Bag – Kazo

Leopard Sunglasses, Shoes – Koovs

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know which outfit was your favourite!

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The ZenFone 3: The Perfect Companion for the Fashion Obsessed

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Wednesday 28th September 2016

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is going to be very special as I have recently fallen in love with a new phone! I’m talking about the latest in technology, the brand new ASUS ZENFONE3!

As you may know by now, I’m selfie-obsessed. So, one of the most important features that I look for in a phone is the camera, both front and back. The Asus Zenfone3 features an impressive 8MP front shooter which has a built in “beautifying” filter. The filter imparts a doll-like glow to the face and blurs any imperfections you may have. The primary camera is 16MP, records in 1080p HD and has a continuous auto-focus along with a dual tone flash. The display is also 1920X1080 so you can enjoy videos in full HD.

The screen measures 5.5 inches and the phone is considerably lightweight at 155gms. It has a 4GB RAM which means no hang-ups, smooth and fast functioning.

Fully equipped with Bluetooth, Radio, a memory card slot (expandable upto 256GB) and Wifi, this is currently one of the most amazing phones in the market.

It comes in four colours :

  1. Moonlight White
  2. Shimmer Gold
  3. Aqua Blue
  4. Sapphire Black

But wait, with all this wonderful technology, you’d expect a sky-high price! You’d be happy to know that ASUS brings you their best at only Rs. 27,999/-

Here are a few pictures clicked with the Asus Zenfone3 :




Primary Camera


Primary Camera


Primary Camera

I hope you found my review helpful. Till my next post, let’s connect on social media :

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BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Monday, 25th July 2016

Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing one of the recent additions to my perfume collection from the house of BVLGARI

Bigarade Orange, Passion Fruit, Passion Flower, Brazilian Gardenia, Cocoa Beans, Vetiver Essence. Bvlgari, the master of colorful gemstones, reveals Omnia Paraiba, a new jewel perfume inspired by the extravagant radiance of a rare, colorful, and fascinating Brazilian gemstone, the Paraibatourmaline.


Ingredients :


I love the unique blue bottle of this fragrance. The product dispenses from a spray nozzle on top. The smell of this perfume is very fruity-floral which is exactly the kind of combination I like. However, the fruity side of this scent definitely leaves more of an impression. Upon the first spray, you will get an undeniable hit of sour passion fruit and bitter orange which will slowly subside to a lighter version of itself overtime.


The lasting power of this perfume is commendable. I could even sniff it the next day on me and it left a noticeable fragrance on my pillow. It is definitely a young and fun scent but still very strong.

Price – Around Rs. 6000/-


The bottle looks beautiful sitting on top of your vanity however, my only issue is that the push spray nozzle on top is not fit to take in your purse.

It is definitely a great addition to any perfume collection provided you like a strong, sour fruity-floral scent. I will use this up for sure and then look into other Bvlgari fragrances!

I hope you found my review helpful. Till my next post, let’s connect on social media :

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Medimix Face Wash Review!

By Aishwarya Kaushal, Tuesday, 19th July 2016

Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing the Medimix face wash. I have been an avid user of the classic Medimix soap for quite a while. It helps get rid of acne and bacteria on the body and makes me feel super clean! So when I came across the face wash, I was excited to try it since I have been such a fan of the soap.


This face wash is suitable for all skin types and promises to give you pimple free, glowing skin. It is free from parabens, comprises of eco-friendly ingredients and is made with 6 essential herbs.


It comes in a simple squeeze tube packaging that is very convenient to use and to travel with. You can find it in your local drugstores and pharmacies for Rs. 60 (50ml).


Ingredients :


The actual product is gel based and is slightly greenish in color. I use it twice a day and take a minute to rub the product onto my skin in circular motions, after which I wash my face with cold water. My skin is on the combination side and this face wash doesn’t make me excessively oily or dry. It balances my skin and imparts a natural glow upon regular usage. My skin does not feel squeaky clean as it doesn’t strip my skin of it’s natural oils. I am blessed to have naturally acne-free skin (barring some hormonal zits) but, for the most part, this has kept me pimple free.


I will continue to use it as it works perfectly for my skin. It is readily available and is very affordable too!

I hope you found my review helpful. Till my next post, let’s connect on social media :

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